Microsoft Cloud Agreement

Microsoft recently rolled out a new agreement for users of Microsoft 365. It appears that this is response to Europe's GPDR regulations. For all 365 customers who purchase 365 through a reseller, the end customer is required to confirm through ...

New Dropbox Limits

Dropbox will no longer let you connect more than 3 devices on their free plan.

HP Batteries Catching Fire

[av_textblock size='' font_color='' color='' av-medium-font-size='' av-small-font-size='' av-mini-font-size='' av_uid='av-jt7u0zlr' admin_preview_bg=''] Tom's Hardware is reporting that HP has initiated a recall on nearly 80k batteries, which may catch fire.

Why do I always have to change my password?

We know, you're all tired of changing your passwords and hearing from IT that you've got to pick a new one you haven't used before every 30 nanoseconds. The reason might not be what you think.

Skip the Christmas Specials

This time of year all the electronics seem to go on sale, except for Apple's -- why do you think that is?

Windows Update 1809: Just Don't

At JM Addington Technology Solutions & Kairos Digital Dynamics we're usually a tad bullish on Windows Updates: they're put out for good reason(s). However, Microsoft's latest "Feature Update" (read: a big one, the Fall Creators Update or 1809) has been plagued ...

Chinese Money and You

The South China Morning Post, one of the continent's premiere English newspapers, has an article out this week via Bloomberg on the Yuan's (CNY) value against the US Dollar (USD) over the next 12 - 15 months. Why should you ...

Website Hacked: You're the Target

Politico's Cybersecurity Newsletter from October 10th, 2018 references a report on hacking that has two golden nuggets in it.

The Easiest Cons

A university just paid $12m to a fraudster. Prevention would have been easy.

15 Minutes

There is nothing more valuable that any of us have than time. 15 minutes can be a lot, it can also be life changing, for us and for others.


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